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MagBadge is designed for nurses, engineers, government workers, and anyone else in need of quick access or elegant display of their identification cards. Made from the highest quality materials including powder coated metal and N52 grade neodymium magnets, MagBadge is sure to impress. Two card carrying capacity and chipped/stripped card safe. Proudly made and sourced in the USA supporting both our great country and our fellow local businesses. Thank you for choosing MagBadge. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Unique item but overpriced

    There is no other like this in the market but the feel of the metal feels rough and crude. Would be a perfect item if it was priced lower. Also felt the magnets could be stronger for the price tag. No included lanyard is another reason why this feels overpriced.
    Live the metallic sliding sound when I pull it out and like fidgeting with it.

    Peter Estabrook
    Great Badge Holder

    Very nice design. Holds two badges so you can quickly switch the visible one or hide you government badge. Cards go in and come out easily. Magnets hold very tight and align without any effort. Really like the product.

    Mathias Moulton

    I love this badge holder is really nice to use cause I constantly have to show people my badge. The magnet make it really nice to use cause how easy it is to grab my badge

    Joe Osborne

    This is ID holder is first class and easily separates itself from other badge holders. Phenomenal design, and has a similar effect of throwing down your AMEX platinum card. Highly recommend!

    Alvaro Carvajal
    Great product

    This the best badge holder so far